Thursday, June 01, 2006

Support your local ska band

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. It's not that I've not wanted to write here or even been too busy. It's not even that I had nothing to write about. It's just that I had nothing to write about that'd fit here. Maintaining several blogs on a variety of topics is becoming interesting, but I think it may become overwhelming someday. On the other hand, making money for an activity I enjoy is certainly rewarding.

Anyway, I hope this sort of strange mental block goes away soon. It's not even related to the move that's coming up on the first of July. True, I'll be busy preparing for it. I even have a recliner and microwave for the new apartment. I don't know if I'll keep you updated on this or not, I'm sure most people don't care.

I've also noticed this blog has been added to the DMOZ open directory project and apparently I'm now on Yahoo's search engine. (Google searches do not surprise me as Blogger is owned by Google.) So, somehow the word is getting out there, although it's not like I've done anything to promote the site in a long time.

Now, to the person who posted the comment the other day on a page in the archives. I let it be but it is my personal policy to delete links to any pornographic sites and delete comments from bot spammers who come through excessively. If I see it again, I will remove it.

I'll get back to more substantive posts eventually. Just bare with me as I go through a process that likely will spark a variety of mixed emotions.


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