Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Examining the Reasons for Hatred of Religion

I think a lot of people with issues regarding gender or sexuality end up blaming religion for their own self-loathing. This is in fact a legitimate concern. Get told that how you feel is sinful at a young age and you'll believe there's something wrong with you.

I used to hope that somehow everything would magically be fixed after the Millenium, or if I didn't make it, after I died. It's not like I could tell anyone how I felt. I didn't even admit it to myself for the longest time. I tried to keep the feelings down and hope they'd go away. Of course, they did from time to time but they'd always resurface.

You want to find some peace. Religion is supposed to provide that, but instead, many continue on a harmful message. The people who do this sincerely believe they are doing the right thing and of course, they may expect you to conform to their expectations.

So, after years of this treatment a snap will finally come. If you stay, you will be miserable and lead down the slippery slope of depression. If you leave, you experience sudden freedom, but are more than likely to carry a sense of bitterness with you and thus attack all religion regardless of whether or not it was responsible for your problems in the first place.

I must admit self-loathing is one of the last things I must personally overcome, but I don't blame the Mormons for this entirely. No, I blame years of going through life being told that you're worthless and a set of impossible standards that I couldn't live up to. (Yes, if you know anything about how Mormons behave that
is the church's fault.)

It is not religion that harmed these people. It was someone abusing power in the name of religion.


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