Thursday, May 11, 2006

Comparing Scars

If you've spent any time around a group of men,
you will know that the discussion of scars comes up.
Each person will try to one-up the other with their
worst scars. This is normal behavior in more ways
than one. (And if you want to know my scars are on
my left foot, right hand, and chin, and two scars on
my finger that I don't ever remember getting. The
last must have happened while I was asleep. The worst
scar is on my left foot and while I don't remember
that happening either, I was two at the time.)

Yet I saw in one forum people doing the same thing
but this time with their emotional scars. Why is it
we feel the need to determine who has suffered the
worst? I am just as guilty as everyone else of this
and probably should not be a hypocrite. At the same
time it reminded me that people have gone through
worse things than I have and I should be grateful
there are things outside of my experience.

The whole experience served as a reminder that
things could have been worse and it helped dragged me
out of the moodiness that I'd been feeling for the
past week or so. (I think lack of sleep is a huge
factor in this.) Still, I'm a little bit skeptical
when people on the Internet do this. They could be
lying, even though I tend to be trusting.

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