Tuesday, May 09, 2006

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In a few more months this blog will have been up for nearly a year. A lot has happened in that time and not all of its good, but it seems that I am recovering from it however slow it has been.

It might be a good time and reflect on what I've learned in a year. Certainly, I've learned harsh and valuable lessons about fiscal responsibility that could have been avoided. I've learned that things do not always go as planned and I've learned that left-handed people can have really great problems with stick-shift.

As far as personal growth goes, the above lessons are important, but not all that has happened. I find myself in a quandary when it comes to rational thought and religious/spiritual belief. I must decide how to reconcile them if possible.

Perhaps there can be greater comforter in just knowing that I don't have all the answers rather than trying to find them.


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