Monday, May 15, 2006

Hatred of Religion

Why is it currently all too common to hate people of faith? I may take my potshots at my own former religion now and then (and come on, if you're not a Utah Mormon, you know how weird some of the Mormon beliefs are to other people), but on the whole I'm not launching some grand crusade on the Internet to tell people how false it is.

There are good reasons for doing this. The first is there are already enough people doing it and adding my voice to that isn't going to make one bit of difference. The second is that I've seen the Mormon church turn out some really good people regardless of how true it may or may not be. (I've also known Mormons who are real jerks, too, and aspects of the faith only made this worse.)

Yet, if you visit forums geared to the people likely to read this site or non-Christian forums there is a real hatred towards either religion or more specifically, Christianity. Whilie I understand the pain of disillusionment, these people waste their time taking every opportunity to slander Christians and their faith.

Let these people go, folks. Most of them are ordinary people trying to live their lives the best they can. Simply do not discuss religion with evangelicals or fundamentalists -- their only goal is generally to convert you. You can't change their mind and they can't change yours.


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