Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Sinister Porpoise is backing down.

I've been busy lately. I've been caught up more in the business side of blogging rather than the part I actually enjoy, which is writing. If you've read the site recently, you'll see two rants for different reasons. One is a valid response to a type of behavior I personally despise. The second and more important to this post is complaining about an edit.

In all honesty, it was a minor edit, although I would have appreciated if Blogger simply e-mailed me and asked me to change it. (All parties involved in this are adults after all, I assume, even if stress, lack of sleep and just a generally bad attitude is making one of us -- me -- act like a child.)

I know this site has at least one Mormon reader. Although a lot of what I might say could be difficult for someone who is still devout to swallow or even believe. Unfortunately, I wish what I was writing about the history were not true. I wish the church would change for the better, but as someone on the outside, I'm simply not in a position to change it. If I were still an insider, affecting the necessary changes would be a slow and difficult process as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not only conservative, but ruled by old men, who are set in their ways. This is not to say that all change is good, but this denomination needs to see its own flaws and openly admit them.

So, why not admit that Book of Mormon is not a historical document? The evidence isn't there anyway. Why not issue a proclamation against polygamy? It's still in the Doctrine and Covenants. Perhaps an official declaration is to be added at the end like the one about the blacks holding the priesthood. Admit the Pearl of Great Price is nowhere near a translation and admit the founder was in fact translating the Egyptian "Book of Breathings" the facsimiles give it away anyway.

Sorry, I guess I got sidetracked. Those are small things they could do, and more importantly they can stop trying to excommunicate people for telling the truth. There I go again. The point is I overreacted to the edit. Blogger has the right to edit my posts, I just wish they would have had a reason to do so or at least contacted me first.


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