Sunday, June 04, 2006

Coming Out

It seems I'm ready to come back to this blog for a little bit. I wonder if I'll ever come fully out of the closet myself. In my case, I admit that it's because I'm a coward.

Then again admitting to any sort of unacceptable proclivity in a small town is not exactly the way to maintain a social circle. Even my gaming friends don't know how I feel and I have not told them, nor do I have any desire to. In fact only one person who knows me knows and the fact that they do is an accident. (Although anyone who knows I'm The Sinister Porpoise could do a simple Google search and find out.)

This is because I think they would not understand. Although my gaming circle does include at least one gay member (and I did not believe he was gay until he told me despite that fact that he's flaming. Chalk that up to the social obliviousness of this particular porpoise.)

I realize eventually I'm going to have to let it out to my therapist if no one else. In fact I did, but that therapist got promoted and now I'm adapting to a new one. But even if I'm a coward, it may not be a fully wise idea to for other people to be fully out. I know some people will encourage this, but they have different situations.

While some people may not feel it is fully honest to live a lie, at times it is a matter of keeping your livelihood or I imagine in some cases your life. It's one thing to fight a battle for acceptance, it's quite another to be stupid doing so. Don't get me wrong, I admire the courage of those who fight for such things, but you have to pick your battles. You can't win them all.


At Fri Jun 09, 10:13:00 AM 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Sun Jun 11, 02:54:00 PM 2006 , Blogger The Sinister Porpoise said...

Um, you've posted several times and your link is to an entertainment place. May I be so bold as to ask who you are or is this just a bot and I'm wasting my time? I *should* be getting notified in my e-mail when you post here, but I'm not.

At Wed Jun 14, 10:29:00 AM 2006 , Blogger Gunner said...

You might want to check the setting in blogger. My wife's blog setting on email alerts kept getting reset. Also word verification stops most gambling spam as that. The word verification stops most bots.

This post was about living a "lie". I run a post-mo carnival each week and would like to invite you to submit a post if you feel up to it. It might bring a little more light to your blog then you would want.

There is a whole community of post-mo blogs out there telling of their struggles. You're not alone.


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