Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Amish School Shooting

Well, it's been a fun past few days all around. I've giving my hard drive a throgough cleaning although perhaps a better metaphor would be destroying its former civilization and rebuilding it from the ground up. This computer only has to hold out a few more months, then I am going to replace it. For a free computer, it's worked wonders though.

Although that sums up the state my computer life has been in for the last two weeks or so, it's not all that important to me today. Instead, I wish to discuss the shooting of the Amish schoolgirls.

While we have to give the Amish credit for asking forgiveness and putting us all to shame by attending the assasin's funeral when I first heard this story my first reaction is that I hope he burns in Hell. (Forgive the language, but attacking a Pacifist group and furthermore targeting children who were not connected to your original grievance is low in my opinion.)

There are two issues that this brings up in my mind and gun control is not one of them. The first is if stressing some generally agreed upon code of ethics would help crime to go down. The second is the difficulty of obtaining mental help when it's so badly needed. From what I hear the assasin never got over being dumped twenty years ago.

While it is true there's a stigma attached to seeking out a mental health professional, I'm willing to bet the perpetrator was aware of the issues and just let them fester. Perhaps we should do more careful screenings in our society for these kinds of problems as typically most people will not seek out help unless they are forced or they realize there's a problem. While I believe the assassin fell into the former category, I cannot say for sure.


At Wed Oct 11, 10:04:00 PM 2006 , Blogger La said...

Interesting thoughts.

How could we do careful screenings? Are you speaking about each of us and our civic responsibility? Or are you saying that there should be routine mental health checkups, just as a part of physicals?

I can't imagine what would cause someone to attack and kill little kids like that. Amish or not. It's just nuts.

At Fri Oct 13, 12:55:00 AM 2006 , Blogger MrAdVenture said...

I am deeply saddened every time I hear of classroom shootings.I strongly;y feel that the parents must take a large portion of the blame.We no longer teach our children respect,the last generation to do so was the veteran's families after WW11,much as it will cause negative feedback-I stand behind that statement.
Guns were in my school as well,as I wrote after a previous tragic event.I invite you to read and comment on GUNS IN THE CLASSROOM-an authentic occasion

At Fri Oct 13, 03:06:00 AM 2006 , Blogger The Sinister Porpoise said...

An Ex-Con, are you aware of the facts of this case? The person who did the shooting was a milk-man and I hardly see how the Amish parents could be blamed for their children being shot.

At Sun Oct 15, 02:52:00 AM 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Sun Oct 15, 02:59:00 AM 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grew-up back in Amish territory, still have family back there. I thought it was interesting the parallels between them and Mormon Church during this time of extreme public attention. They have two faces, as Mormons do that most people don’t know about. They will say they forgive a mad man who killed innocent children and will even go to his funeral when they will shun (cut them out of their lives completely) their own children for wanting to drive a car or use electricity.

I think that most of their forgiveness was a show, put on mostly to preserve their own sanity, but once the shock wears off there will be a lot of very angry Amish people. The repercussions from this act of violence will ripple through out their community for a long time to come. But we will never hear about it.


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