Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ahoy, me hearties!

Today be September 19th and that day be one of my favorite hoidays. That's right ye landlubbers, today be Talk Like a Pirate Day.


At Tue Sep 19, 10:42:00 AM 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I forgot to send you a card.

At Tue Sep 19, 01:16:00 PM 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arrr, and a happy day it is!

At Wed Sep 20, 01:32:00 AM 2006 , Blogger La said...

Dude. I totally heard that on the radio. This reminds me of my "celebrate whatever the hell you feel like celebrating" post.

No matter what, I won't do it. I'm a non-conformist. But on the official DRESS Like A Pirate Day, I'll be sure to apply the kohl and wear my gold hoops. ;)


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