Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another blog I found...

(Note: If you click the ads, please do me a favor and do not click on CrispAds. They seem to be having problems processing payments. If you don't, well, I can't force you, but I do make a habit of clicking other blogger's ads when I see them.)

I have to admit the last blog entry was somewhat painful to write, and even to me not all that interesting. Of course, the entries dealing with my more personal entries to this blog are often difficult for me and deal a lot with a personal angst which at times even I find irritating.

Not much can be done about it though, the situation is often confusing for the individual, and unlike others I have not been able to find peace in some fashion with who and what I am. Perhaps it's because I'm the type of person who will dwell too much on issues rather than do something about them. For various reasons, it is one I'm uncomfortable broaching with people. Much like the possible recommendation that a friend I've had for years should see a therapist because he's been depressed ever since I've known him. Most people take offense if you suggest they see a shrink. Even though he knows of the issues I personally have and the issues that led up to my mother's death, it's still not something I'd do lightly.

Even when I resolve to take a leap forward, I still hold myself back and often feel stupid for doing so. How can I expect to make any progress if I don't communicate how I feel to others? I'm not talking about this blog. Most of the people who comment here are wonderful and supportive of my eccentricities.

Yet even though I've floundered about, people still found this site worthy of submitting to directories. I'm not sure why. I'm just one blogger out of many and I'm sure other people explain the situation slightly better and with less fear showing through their posts. I've included one such link right above the Carnival of the Veil bloggers links. I think on the whole she gives a better idea of what its like to actually go through the process. I haven't found many specifically tg blogs, and if I find one worthy of mention, I'll link to it. Click the link to Lilac's Garden if you need a little more information.


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