Sunday, July 16, 2006

A strange trip

I went to the store a few days ago. This in itself is not unusual, I do it every so often but my intent was. I actually intended to go there to buy women's clothing. I must admit that I'll often look at the racks in the stores, but go past them for fear of what others will think.

Partly this is because I live in a small town where everyone knows everybody else. I just don't want to hear any rumors about the cross dresser. If there are a few people in the town who do and do so in public I'm blissfully unaware of them. Then again, I'm not the type who would talk to most of the people in my hometowhn. They're the NASCAR, Beer and country music types which I have little in common with. Although I may be slightly religious, I'd probably not hang out with the more fundamentalist Christian types. There are a few who can carry on discussions about history but not many and even if they do, it's mostly about World War II.

In any case, I've gotten slightly off track. I walk to the store which is roughly about a mile or two from where I live in walk in. There are a couple people there as I deliberately chose a time when it'd be late in the day to avoid as many people as possible.

What I purchased really doesn't matter as I don't intend to go out in public like that, but strangely enough that clerk said nothing. He looked at me a little strangely but that was about it. Still, I think I'd prefer to keep purchasing non-traditional clothing online and hope it comes in packages where it's contents aren't easily identifiable.


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