Thursday, June 15, 2006

Apparently I'm Engaged in a Futile Struggle for Identity

I actually managed to find some statements of the Mormon church on transgenderism today. I don't know whether I should be bitter or simply laugh in the face of such statements but the odd thing is a statement of Boyd K. Packer's actually does describe how I've felt.

I must admit the position is no different than what I expected, transgendered folk like gays and lesbians are not expected to act on their impulses. Apparently, according to one former Mormon prophet, "We'll surely regret it if we attempt to change our gender." I think I've screwed up the quote, but it's Spencer W. Kimball.

But I'll leave the dead alone, it's a still living Mormon general authority I wish to write about today. Boyd K. Packer has said that transsexuals are engaged in a futile struggle for their identity.

I've long ago stopped worrying about speaking ill of the Lord's annointed and to put it simply, Boyd K. Packer is an idiot who thinks that because he's speaking for God he knows more than all the scientists doing current research into things like sexuality and gender orientation. If you have not read anything by Packer, I strongly recommend you find "To the One." ( carries it. Yes, I know I said I would link to no Mormon related sites, but I am thinking about changing that policy and linking to pro and anti sites just so people can get a clue what I'm talking about. I wan you though that is not a Mormon site. It is an honest critique about the good and bad points of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, its behaviors, and its doctrines.)

The statement wants me to make some nifty little Battlestar Gactica style monologue that goes something like this "Going through a Hellacious Life, the transexual Melanie leads a rag-tag fugitive fleet towards a Futile struggle for her own identity." I can't think of anything good to replace rag-tag fugitive fleet with, so if you can let me know.

I must admit I have felt my struggle was futile, but that's because an early lifetime spent in Mormonism made me guilty about feeling the way I do. It's not because I've sinned, but because God chose to give me that struggle to deal with. It's nice that people like Packer can make pronouncements on it, but it's time the Church adopted a position of infallibility on matters of theology only and stopped having its general authorities speak on topics they clearly know nothing about. (Oh yeah, Packer is is also well-known for his 'little factory' speech, which sadly I don't have a link to...)

Packer, do us all a favor and shut up. I don't think I'm the only ex-Mormon who thinks you'll lead their relatives on a pointless trip to Missouri when you gain power because of your mental instability. I just hope God prevents you from obtaining the prime position of power within the church.


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