Saturday, June 17, 2006

General Ramblings

I must admit right now I'm feeling a little anxiety over the upcoming move. It's less than 15 days away now and while it's what I want, a part of me wonders if I'm ready for it. Such is life and unfortunately there are no guarantees. I knew money was going to be tight for this reason, but at least if it works out I'll recover from most of what happened last October.

I don't want or need to go into the details of that right now. A little introspection may have put me in a sad mood if you've read some of my recent posts, but a few discussions and a look at the Recovery from Mormonism board (I check this one to keep up on Mormon news events), has given me the idea that the church has screwed a lot of people up in this area, although some are not quite as hostile to it as I am.

On the other hand, I also think humor could be a great healing tool here, but my sense of humor is on the dry, sarcastic side and may not be of much help after all. Even so, I may make the effort simply because one of the more ridiculous Mormon scriptures is “to avoid excessive laughter and light mindedness.” I am quite frankly convinced that this remained in the D&C after Joseph's death because a lot of Brigham Young's “prophecies” are laughable. I am also convinced that Brigham Young said a lot of things just because he knew his followers would believe anything he said.

Yet as any BIC Mormon can tell you, you'll probably never get over the mindset completely. It was forced upon you during your early formative years when you are likely to believe almost anything an adult tells you. Just when I think that I am over it, my mind will stumble on yet another area that the church interfered in. I'm sure my parents were well meaning when they made us go to church each Sunday against our will, but they can't imagine the harm done.

As a final note, I've been invited to participate in the “Carnival of the Veil” a series of posts collected on someone else's blog (usually one of the participants) about various people's experiences with leaving Mormonism and their journeys afterwards.
I see no harm in this as my blog does not deal in Ex-Mormon issues exclusively, I do on the other hand write a lot about it and have no problem sharing my stories.


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