Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sorry Folks

I know I promised, but there will be no frivolity today. It looks like I'm going to have to move after all. I don't quite know where I'm going to go nor am I all that excited about the prospect. Things seemed going well a few months ago. I had a new vehicle, a job that while not great did pay well but then I started having car problems.

The dealer I bought the car from sold it with a known faulty clutch. I guess used car dealers have a deserved reputation. If you're in the Central Pennsylvania area the name is Bucher's Used Cars and I urge you not to deal with them. If they want to come after me for this they can, but I remind them that a defense for libel is truth, and that's what they don't have on their side. I let rent slip and I can't get it caught up. Despite my best efforts, I cannot resolve this issue.

I just hope I can sort things out. It is not a pleasant thing and it seems unfair to me that I pay the price for someone else cheating me, but that's simply the way things go sometimes. I'll e spending the day trying to find another place to live if I can. It won't be great, but where I'm living now isn't that great anyway.

I'd rather not be going through this, but I simply don't have a choice at this point. The universe is cold, uncaring, and merciless at times and those who should get punished too often end up rewarded. I must react to what has happened and hope there really is a deep, dark Hell for those who would knowingly take advantage of others and then claim they're “helping people.”


At Thu Oct 20, 01:05:00 PM 2005 , Blogger Becca said...

You can have my car in a few months if you want. We're trying to find a newer one. But I don't think I could wish my current car on you. That would be mean.


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