Sunday, October 16, 2005

Our bodies as temples

We are often told our bodies are temples. I admit that I rarely if ever take this view, but I find myself changing it slightly as I come to accept what I am. I actually want to improve my appearance now and at least have been making the efforts to keep my clothes clean, hair groomed, and teeth brushed. Of course, this may be too much information for many people to know but somethings slip when you go into depression.(I can't help but think that this in many cases is way too much information.)

I also think, subconsciously, these behaviors were to keep people from getting to close to me. I'll eventually extend this to my house even. It may not be a big house, but it's my house and I want to take pride in it.
The thing is, I think I have made a sort of peace with my body. I used to take Thomas Edison's viewpoint that it was merely a device for carrying my brain around in. In all honesty, I think it was because I thought that deep down it didn't matter. And now, I find with letting Melanie out a bit, rather than having to remain forever Shawn in all places, that I do want to look better.

Odd. Now I see this flesh rather than as a nuisance and something that doesn't fit as something that might be able to molded into something that does fit. I want to take care of what God has given me rather than trying to stuff food into it out of boredom or just because I don't particularly feel all that happy. I have a feeling he wants me to treat myself as if I were something sacred. A special and unique – although highly confused – creation of his.
As it is already a crisp fall Sunday morning as I write this, I hope if you are Christian and a churchgoer you use this day to commune with God in your own way. I'm not going to tell you which one is right. I have the feeling it's the connection that's important, not the actual rituals. And if you have ever felt the same way I do remember to ask for His help in rediscovering the sacred space that is you.


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