Saturday, October 15, 2005

I fought the law and the Law won

I hope that the two or three readers that I currently have will forgive me for being late wtih the morning update today. I didn't get home until around 4 a.m. last night. The following post refers to an article in the Tribune which you can read by clicking on the title.

I must admit I'm not sure what to think on this one. It makes me ashamed that am a Pennsylvanian. I believe Great Britain had the sense several years ago to say no to this sort of thing while people are in prison. Her crime was horrible and I'm not sure she deserves to be rewarded in this way.

On the other hand, I know someone accused and eventually convicted of such a crime. I admit it came as a shock to me. In truth, they were much more religious and indeed better at following it than I was. Guess religiosity isn't an indication of good or evil in people. It just means that they're religious. I still find the story hard to believe, but as it turns out my aunt happened to be their caseworker and said it probably was true.

If I were the judge in this case, my initial reaction would be to deny it to him entirely and force him into the sex offender therapy programs the prison offers first. After all, his first problem is not with his gender identity, but the fact that he'd contemplate such an act in the first place. I'm also surprised it's only nine to fifteen years she received unless I misread the story.

I am not opposed to showing her compassion, but I think we should take care of the more dangerous threat to society first if we can. If people can be rehabilitated, they deserve the chance. What the article shows me from his actions that she is not interested in generally not becoming a blight on society.

It seems to me that he's trying to she was trying to say that she was that way because she has gender confusion. That, I must say, is complete garbage. (Note: This is my impression as the story gives no indication of this, it is important to remember that this is Melanie's mere speculation.)

Reading stories like this bring out my more violent feelings and make me want to tear his heart out because I cannot contemplate committing that severe of the crime. At the same time, I must remember that we're all human and have failings. In this case, the man seems to be selfish and evil and in my opinion has shown no remorse for what he has done.


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