Monday, October 10, 2005

Purpose and Cause

I've been meaning to put this post up for several days, but have put it off. You can't say it's out of laziness (although I admit that personally I am rather lazy) in this case, it just slipped my mind.

In almost any spiritual or religious discussion sooner or later the issue of purpose will be addressed. Usually it's some vague and indefinable sense that you must answer personally. This will be no different. I don't know what each and every peron's purpose here in life is. Nor would I want to. I also intend to discuss my theories behind the why of it.

What follows is not scientiffic in any way and I do not intend it to be. Why we are the way we are is a complex issue. Background, personality and genetics all play a role. As much as I may want some genetic cause for gender identity disorder, I think it's not the whole picture.

I personally believe every single human being and animal has a spirit that animates it, gives it life, and thus enables us to experience life. I am suggesting simply that in the case of the transsexual, that wires somehow got crossed. For all I know it oculd be intentional. If God or whatever higher power controls the universe is responsible, it would have to be intentional if he were perfect.

Now if it is intentional, we were made this way for a reason. It could be a life test, or it oculd be something we have to learn through a series of incarnations or something else entirely. Nature may be cold and uncaring, but the divinity is not. It is most likely we were put here as transsexuals not only to learn some aspect of our true self, but to show others tolerance and understanding.

Well, there's my unimpressive take on the why of it. I know the scientiffic theories at least to some degree and while I am hesitant to believe them, science has a history of proving religion wrong eventually. In some of the more recent theories, it's a bitter battle, but the creationists will eventually have to admit their viewpoint is incorrect.

As to your individual purpose, I cannot tell you what it is. It's one of those things you must work out for yourself and you may never know. This is one of the most insidious things about a spiritual journey and at this point in my life I'm wary of those who have ready answers to this question for everyone. Sure, you may want to serve God, but how exactly does God want you to do that? Help others? Same question. You can figure it out with His help, but ultimately it comes down to you figuring it out.


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