Sunday, October 09, 2005

Finding a Cure

I hope you'll forgive me for being a little late on the morning update. I'm not a morning person by nature and I woke up late today. In fact I probably would have gotten even more sleep if I'd not responded to a phone call asking me to watch my younger relatives. Although this topic is in my notebook, I decided to put it off. You see, this whole thing started out as a series of fictional short stroies, but evolved more or less into opinion pieces.

While surfing message boards yesterday in my usual boredom (my Xbox wasn't working and for some reason my antenna won't pull tv stations in right now), I came across an argument on one. It didn't start out as an argument. In fact, I think I understand perfectly what the post's author was trying to say. We all go through a period where we hope we can "cure" ourselves usually out of a sense of self-hatred because not only can society not except who we are, but we cannot accept it ourselves.

The poster boldly shared his feelings and his past. You'd think others in the same situtation would be understanding, but that is not the natures of message boards. It devolved into a flame war rather quickly. I can't say that I no longer enjoy such things. (I'm certainly not a saint and a good bout of mudslinging is quick and easy entertainment.) But if they'd all been there why attack him for a way he no longer feels?

I understand perfectly how he felt. In fact, I believe I'm just coming out of that period myself. It's a bit like The Matrix when Neo discovers what he believes to be the real world isn't real. He knows things don't make sense but he isn't ready to accept it. Even so, when he knows the truth, he still has a hard time adapting.

No, I think something else is going on here. Too often we react too quickly and emotionally to problems. Even guys do this. When a little thought and in many cases reading through the whole post before formulating a response would do us some good. May we as human beings stop falling into traps like these.


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