Saturday, October 08, 2005

In Restless Dreams I Walked Alone...

Much like any attempt I make to give artistic advice, I'm going to surprise myself on this one. You see, I'm going to address the emotion known as courage today. No, I'm not going to tell you how to be more courageous or less afraid. I'm not afraid of being called a hypocrite, but it should be avoided if at all possible.
All writing and any artistic form – even if we're not trying to create a fictional piece carries a subconscious. I've long since realized that even in my dreams the sleeping part of my brain knows things I don't or don't yet. Sometimes it knows things I won't admit to myself. Because it tends to be symbolic, this is why dream interpretations are difficult. Generally, you know if a dream you had meant something or your mind was just reveling in play.

If you go back through your art works, you'll find the same thing, I bet, if you're the artistic type. Going back through this blog I often mention directly my cowardice, making me think it's about time I confronted it head on. It's not that I'm not brave. It's that I'm brave when it doesn't matter, and what good does that do anyone? It's one thing to hide secrets because it could be dangerous to you or others, or in cases I never expect to involve me in anyway, national security.

But I realize know that this is a problem and it is true although clichéd that the first step to solving any problem is realizing what it is. Now, I just need to find the energy and determination to make the changes. It's that determination that led me to believe that there is indeed a value to being stubborn. May you benefit from your own determination and stubbornness. Take a long through the art or dreams you've created – what is your sleeping mind trying to tell your conscious mind?


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