Thursday, October 06, 2005

oh oh I want to know is how does this post go?

Sorry, I've been doing a "song" theme for the post titles. Although I've been updating this twice a day and will make it my goal to continue to do so, it might be worthwhile to explore why I'm doing it. The mere fact that the site exists suggests I have issues. As I'm trying to do two updates daily and I expect I'll be out tomorrow night, I thought it'd be a good idea to get started a little early.

The idea of a calling is something that means something different depending on who the listener is. For me, it means some role the church needs filled that you get drafted into doing. For a Catholic, it's a feeling given to them by God (rather than given to the clergy by god) that you should go into a life of service.

Now, I'm certainly not saying I'm holy or a saint. (If I were a Catholic, Dymphna probably would be my patron saint) Need to back up again. I'll never be a saint in the commonly used sense of the word. I've already been a saint simply because of earlier religious affiliation. I thought just maybe I'd be able to help someone else in a small way. Don't ask me why I thought this. I'm certaianly not qualified to give any kind of advice, unless making unwanted comments from the peanut gallery is now worthy of a professional degree.

Still, maybe my story could help others. And if it help's others, that, according to Dale Carenegie is What's In It For Me. (Phew, almost credited the principle to Andrew Carnegie, the steel magnate.)


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