Wednesday, October 05, 2005

And a southpaw shall rule them all...

A quick Google search the other day revealed this fascinating tidbit at

Of course I agree with the author entirely that left-handed people are superior and should take over the world. If this happens to be achieved by me solely this is an added bonus, but I find it hard to believe in many ways. Yet despite the delightful kookiness of this article, there are some profound insights I can draw here. Nor do I like him calling southpaws a seperate “race.” I hope that was a translation error.

Yes, left-handed people do indeed see the world differently from right-handed people. I don't know the exact reasons for this, but I think it comes from having to deal with every thing slightly out of phase for them. Is this a consequence of the strange genetics that made them left-handed or something else entirely? There is a parallel to that and the transgendered individual. In fact, I see many of the same traits when certain types of mental illnesses are described. I wonder if it's because the traits are so general that many people within the group will exhibit them or if not looking at the world the same way gives us a special insight. Not only that, talking to someone who views the world in a different way than you do can occasionally be refreshing or provide a valuable insight to a problem. Give it a try sometime.

I tend to think it's the latter. Being able to look at the world in a different way is a special gift and useful to humanity. It's given us great art and great inventions. None of my eccentricities have enabled me to develop psychic powers or X-ray vision, which makes me wonder if I should demand the money I paid for them back.


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