Monday, October 03, 2005

Just a quick response

A comment on the last article made me wonder if I'd gone a bit too far. When it comes what caused the issues I face, the Mormon church is a rather small factor. While it does have relevance to my primary concern here, but I'd be remiss if I said that the upbringing did not have benefits as well. In fact. I can understand how my words oculd be intended that way.

Other than a deep hatred for tea and a particular dislike for coffee, most of the other effects have been good. I didn't do drugs or succumb to alcoholism. In fact, I did not take a drink until I was 26. Nor do I like getting drunk, just an occasional drink every few months or so. (Although as a side note, when I took the MMPI, I scored heavily on the alcoholic scale. The irony at the time was I had never taken a drink. Naturally, my drinking could not have been a problem.)

The fact is even though we want to divide things into good and bad, life simply isn't that simple. Every action has both negative and positive effects. Often in our lives, overwhelmingly negative experiences will eventually have good effects. It's just we don't see that when we go through them.

Someday I will post my life story. What happened to me in my younger years made me emotionally strong. A very sensitive child as I was could not survive in this world without developing a tougher exterior and I do not have the Mormon church to thank for that. Instead, I can think the tormentors and bullies of my youth. I owe a debt to such people even though their intent was wholly to be mean. Search your own life, dear reader, and see if this pattern also holds true for you.


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