Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Should I change my political affiliation?

Now that I've come out of the closet in some way and admitted what I am, I wonder if I should change political affiliation. I”m still a card-carrying member of the Republican party. Of course, the Republican Party of Northumberland County signed me up to vote in the last Presidential election. I might be suffering for some form of guilt that I voted for George W. Bush now, since he'd probably personally disapprove of me.

Fortunately, I think I'm covered. Following John Kerry's example I voted twice in the last election. The first time I voted for John Kerry, the second time I voted against him. That covers me, right?

Of all the things we let divide us, politics is perhaps one of the silliest of them all. The body-spirit disconnect should be what unites my readers, not some petty disagreements about how to fix this country. Observe politicians closely and you'll find they agree on what must be done. Where they differ is on how to do it.
I'm not sure I get the Bushophobia out there. The sweeping changes so many people feared when he took power did not take place. In fact, he's done very little as a President, which is what any good politician should do. The country's political process is designed to work slowly, so fight the good fight if it's needed, but don't forget to take a breather. Oh yeah and let me know if becoming a liberal democrat is a necessary step.


At Wed Oct 05, 03:26:00 PM 2005 , Blogger Becca said...

Being a moderate isn't too bad...

Look at this blog: http://moderaterepublican.blogspot.com


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