Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Strange Things are Happening

Three posts today, unforutanately the final one will relate to a real life drama so you may want to avoid it.

Okay so I lied, there will be lighter posts today, although they may not be as light as I intend with the problems hanging over my head at the moment. One of the ways I stay connected with the world without TV is through radio and of course the Internet. Right now I use PeoplePC there actually a great service if you want to use dial-up. Anyway, when you log on there's a section of the news called 'strange.' Sometimes when you see something you can't help but laugh, regardless of how funny it may not be.

I didn't read the article and linking to a news service is usually somewhat problematic if it's connected to an ISP you don't personally subscribe to, but one of the headlines that greeted me is “Man reports missing car, not missing child.”

I'm glad I wasn't drinking soda at the time. That is the example of a man who obviously has his prorities straight. After all, it's less expensive initially to replace a child than a car. I mean a car takes a downpayment, financing, and going to a dealership. To produce a child only requires a free act with a fertile partner of the appropriate gender. Perhaps if we gave him a cost-benefit analysis of replacing a child over a car, he might have remembered to include the child, too. We really are a strange species sometimes.

Not to mention to show how much attention I've paying paying to the photographic evidence, I was surprised to see that Harriet Miers was in fact white. (For some reason I thought she was black. Don't ask me why.) Leaving my amazing powers of observation aside, it seems I'm not the only one who doesn't know all that much about her. The fact that the President appointed a former director of an Arabian Horse association to head FEMA makes me wonder about some of his choices. Loyal Republican or not, that was just a bad decision there, George.

Sometimes I have a hard time not thinking Kurt Vonnegut had the right idea about exactly why life is the way it is. If you haven't read it, go pick up Cat's Cradle. It's a short but good read and surprisngly, for an end-of-the-world fantasy not terribly depressing.


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