Monday, October 30, 2006

   If you are familiar with the whole Pirates vs. Ninjas debate that has raged on the Internet for the past two years, you will know where I am going with this. If not I suggest you head on over to to get an idea.  Unfortunately, the opposing Pirates site is down, but it still lives on in the memory of many.  So, in that spirit I give you the following facts about Mormons.   Of course, I will credit them to Jeff Lindsey and the good people at Fair and Farms.

       1.) Mormons are Reptiles
       2.) Mormons try to baptize people all the time
       3.) The purpose of Mormons is to annoy and convert people.


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At Wed Nov 01, 12:17:00 PM 2006 , Blogger Sideon said...

Sounds about right :)


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