Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I can't think of a title

After a several-year break from blogging, some people may wonder what I have been doing. Although The Sinister Porpoise remains in the world, she has been attempting different blogging outlets. As someone might expect, I’m not as interested in blogging about Mormons or Mormonism all that much anymore. It will take some time before the church even recognizes that people calling themselves asexuals exist. (I’m thinking of starting a pool to get the exact year on this. There may be a separate pool to determine what the church’s position will be.)

This does not mean that I have not been busy. I have done quite a bit of writing on the Internet, some of which I would be extremely reluctant to share. I have gotten better. I have delved deeply into asexual issues as well. I’ve covered video games. I’ve written some of these games off on my taxes. I’ve even engaged in a little bit of journalism. I'm not as good at it as I'd lik to think I am, but most people are like tat.

Throughout all of this, I have discovered that while my writing has improved, it’s not a really great way to make money. I’ve also discovered that I really do not like the SEO content writing. In some ways, it is good. I do not have to deal with people much. I can set my own hours and I can go to work naked if I so choose. The problem with the setup is that most of the people you deal with do not care about the truth. They also care about getting content quickly. Some people can write well under these conditions. I found out that it is not ideal for me.

I’ve also been more involved in local matters. I’ve gotten a chance to play journalist, even if no one pays much attention to what I do. While every job has its downsides, I find its nice providing information that people need to know. The downside is that this often means attending local meetings. I am, however, of the opinion that several members of the Vigo County School board need to be smacked as a result of this, however.

Now, there are some interesting things that happened. I’ve had a chance to interview a documentary maker, got to chat with some people who managed to leave the FLDS, and much to my chagrin, even had the FLDS website use me as a source.


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