Thursday, October 11, 2012

I do not know how many of you are familiar with Tumblr. The micro-blogging platform is like an extended version of Twitter. I have used it for promotional purposes for over a year now. I also have had my first and rather unfortunate encounter with people who consider themselves to be part of the social justice community. Tumblr’s social justice community has some very strange ideas, and some people have started to mock it. I agree that mocking certain ideas on Tumblr is necessary. Tumblr’s social justice community has somehow acquired the idea that almost any ridiculous idea is permissible. Without Tumblr, I am sure I would ever have encountered the idea of fictive head mates. I have no idea what this phrase means, but there was one rather entertaining post about how someone killed one of their fictive head mates. Over time, my opinions of the site have changed. I used to view Tumblr as harmless and annoyingly liberal, but there’s a difference between being politically liberal and possessing no trace of common sense whatsoever. After a while on Tumblr, I have come up with my own theories. The founders of Tumblr met in secret, concerned about all of the dangerous and insane ideas that circulated on the Internet. They wanted to contain these ideas in one place so no one would know to take them seriously. It took years of development, but I’m convinced that the result was this popular site. People can check a website and know they should not take anything on Tumblr seriously.


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