Saturday, July 05, 2008

Children Will Suffer in Same Sex Marriages

As human beings we often make poorly conceived arguments on issues we feel strongly on. The commenter from the Vanessa Honda pohotography blog is one such example when she claims that children will suffer as a result of same-sex marriages. She also makes a historically inaccurate statement that the idea of viewing marriages as a social contract is a new one.

I do not nomrally single a commenter out as I can comment on my own blog just as easily as someone else can, but this sweet and special spirit needs to examine her arguments and re-evaluate them.

Now, Vanessa is entitled to her opinion. I would also not be unjustified in deleting her comment because this blog is my playground. However, she has violated none of my rule about comments. Simply but, I do not allow advertising in comments. Vanessa's argument is worded well, although it looks like Blogger stripped the paragraphs from her posts, but she failed to demonstrate exactly how children will suffer as a result of same-sex marriages.

I realize that America's educational system is sadly lacking when it comes to teaching legitimate science, but I'm pretty sure that Vanessa realizes that same-sex marriages will not produce children. It is a biological impossibility for humans. Her arguments might be valid if a gay couple adopts children, but there is no evidence to support that adoptive gay parents are worse than straight parents. Recent studies indicate that in fact, they make slightly better caregivers than straight couples.

All of this, however, is irrelevant to the argument I made in my last post, which is, that if the Mormon church wants polygamy to return, which they do, supporting initiatives that support a broader definition of marriage would help them achieve that goal.

But, it may surprise her to find I do not have strong opinions on this issue. The best argument I can conjure up for allowing it is that it is not a bad idea to encourage monogamy in a segment of the populatoin that has a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases. Encourgaing monogamy and making people pledge faithfulness will serve to bring the rate of STDs among gay couples down.

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