Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hilary Clinton > Obama

Note: I did not support either candidate. I was not a huge fan of the Republican candidate we ended up with either.

As someone who has been described as a bitter small town Pennsylvanian clinging to god and my guns, I see little reason to support the man.However, it's time for Obama supporters to admit the failings of his administration. Namely, he has announced policies during a deep recession that only serve to lengthen it.

Now, I know Obama did not cause the problem. We can't really blame that on Bush either as it was a global strategy that failed according to a recent special on the history channel, but one of the things you absolutely DO NOT DO during a recession is raise taxes. Money needs to get flowing freely again and the best course of action (as Reagan and Kennedy both did) is to lower taxes.

Of more concern, however, is his foreign policy. His failure to come down hard on Iran or to restate US policy about the use of nuclear weapons on any nation has not done much for the situation with Iran or North Korea. Unfortunately, the elder Bush is a master in this area and both he and the former Bush should have sought out his advice. (Neither of them did, although W has much less of an excuse for his failures in this arena when all he had to do was make a phone call to Dad.)

What bothers me the most, however, is big city elitism. Listen, folks, small town people are not all ignorant red necks. Many factories are still running. Heck, a lot of small town Pennsylvanians don't even *own* guns. There's a reason why Obama lost the primary in this state, and it is that statement. If you want to believe such an offensive statement is insightful, don't tell me about it. Go to your coffee shops and find someone who agrees with you. I'll be too busy buying guns and ammunition I don't need to justify your attitudes. Now, what model of handgun, shotgun or rifle should I get to justify your stereotypes?


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