Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Finished the rough draft of All is Well

Now, I started this idea a while back and the initial plans for it to be a web comic have been put on hold until I find the motivation to acquire a new artist. (If anyone *wants* to be a web comic artists and deal with sticky Mormon issues, they may feel free to contact me. The only real requirement is that you must be able to draw better than I can. This is not hard.)

But, as I hated to lose all the work that had been put into it, I decided to do a novelization of the story line that had already been worked on. I do not know if there will be any interest in it, and the work is far from perfect in its current form, but if any of my readers would like to read it, they need only to ask me for it via e-mail and I will send them an archived version of the rough draft. This also coincides with an earlier promise to make it available in some form.

The book, which I am calling All is Well is far from pleasant and it is far harder on the church than I intended it to be, but I felt the stories of people often ignored by the church or worse, actively encouraged to change into something other than what they are needed to be told.

Oh yeah, it'll also tell you something about Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, but the book just happens to take place there. It's not really going to be all that useful to someone with a different interest in the place that bills itself as the state's only town.


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