Friday, January 26, 2007

My apologies to the Good Folks at Times and Seasons

The link to you was simply I could find although Bishop Rick provided the actual sources for the quotes. While I do not normally read your publication (truthfully the only Mormon publications I still check unless you count the occasional Robert Kirby column, are Sunstone and Dialog and that's only because of the interesting approach they take on Mormon issues although one would should not confuse them with actual Mormon doctrine.)

I did not intend to stir up anything and if I did I'm truly sorry. Perhaps linking to you was a poor choice. My views on Mormonism are mine alone and should not be taken as any representation of any of the other commentors here or those I link to. They may sometimes echo them, but then again, wouldn't this warning be unnecessary since that is in fact the whole point of a blog? I don't blame you for checking the link, I do in fact do the same thing if something appears in my history I don't recognize.

Finally, I'd like to welcome my sister (who posts here as 'Val' or at least used to) to Blogging, but I do not think she'll be joining Outer Blogness anytime soon.) Despite rumors that might be circulating, La and I are not related. I think she'll be doing something on local coupon clipping which unless any of my readers live in North Central Pennsylvania will be of no or little use to them.

And while I'm rambling on, I do check the searches from time to time and have learned of the existence of a band called Taking Back Sunday. It took me a while to piece it out because I thought people were looking for the lyric to a song by the same title. I have never heard them and I'm not sure I'll post the lyrics despite the traffic posting lyrics usually drives to me.

Oh, and after reading a book by the late and venerable Jacques Costeau on dolphins, I'd like to answer the one person's query on how you teach dolphins to speak. This has believe it or not been tried but the results are inconclusive. So far all we know of dolphin language is that each of them has a distinctive 'whistle' that serves as their name.


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