Monday, January 08, 2007

While I can only thank all the Gods that Blogger Beta is no longer (and I really hope all of you have to suffer what the people who agreed to beta test there software for them with no recompense from Blogger suffer through what the people who dealt with the Google's idiocy had to suffer with. Hope you enjoy your login ID being changed to your Google one if you have any other Google account!) I'd ask for forgiveness from people if this year did not start off with dropping my computer and necessitating what is likely to be an expensive repair. Right now The Sinister Porpoise is in the mood for random people she doesn't know to suffer, especially since I can read very few of the Outer Blogness blogs, many of which seemed to be blocked by the library filter for containing content on drugs and alcohol. (Watch. I bet I won't be able to access this post as long as it remains on the front page now.)

At least I'm over the initial anger over it and I spent a few good days chewing myself (and other people) silently in my apartment until I realized there was very little I could do about the whole thing except try to recover. At least all the components with the possible exception of the motherboard or the processor seem to be in good shape.

I shall be returning in full force to Outer Blogness and in fact to the Carnival of the Veil as soon as it is possible.


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