Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Offensive Mormon behavior

About a month ago, I heard a story about my nephew and niece running into a member of my former ward. Now this member and my father were friends, but his children personally do not like him. This is the same member who showed up at a memorial held for my mother to get people's addresses. (Too bad Hallmark doesn't make a "We sincerely wish you'd learn to mind your own business" greeting card. Perhaps I'll start a line of cards someday to say what you really feel. I expect the "F You" and "Go to Hell" cards to be best sellers.) In fact, when he was prying my brother's wife for information I asked him if I should stop the offensive Mormon, but my brother said only, "She has to learn sometime."

Although neither my nephew or niece has set foot inside a Mormon church, he has reminded them that they should go to primary and he told his mother that my nephew is nearly old enough to hold the Priesthood. Now, my sister could cause this behavior to cease by having her name removed from the records, but she figures if there's ever a fire at her house, she'd rather still have her name on the church rolls.

Of course, I've told my nephew to ask him the next time this happens if he's wearing his Jesus Jammies or if he's baptized any dead Jews lately, and given the general temperment of my nephew, I fully expect him to carry it too far. I don't feel sorry for Brother Tressler, any more than I feel sorry for beating him in bocce ball the night he had shown up either. (I can't really explain why I'm good at bocce ball, but my grandmother is uncannily good at it.)

Did he not understand that his behavior was rude and insensitive or did he simply not care? A few other Mormons were there, but they seemed to understand the limits. I can't even say it's a Utah vs. Non-Utah Mormon thing as all people who did show up who were Mormon were also like myself, not native to the Beehive state. Anyone else encounter behaviors like this?

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