Thursday, August 24, 2006


A search for my EQ character's name took a vistor to this blog. Now, believe it or not, I do have my fair share of 'enemies' from my EQ days, mostly because I was bitter and angry and let a number of things that had nothing to do with the game come across in my personality.

This had little to do with the Mormons either, it was just I hadn't gotten over what had happened to me when I was younger. Of course, there wasn't really any valid target for me to take these things out on. Still, I'd forgotten I *had* mentioned my EQ account once, and it would show up on this blog. Even so, my EZboard account is the same one I used when I ended EQ. So, a Google search for the name would lead them here, just as easily as googling "The Sinister Porpoise."

Of course, it may not be one of the people who hated me and I shouldn't jump to conclusions. Still, I'd rather not have many people from that time coming here. It's a phase of my life, despite my bitterness, I enjoyed, but I put far too much effort into EQ and let too many real life things slip.

Given that the character's surname was included, which simply means "the silent," I can only assume the searcher was someone who knew me during my final days as an EQ player, or someone who knows me from EZboards, where the surname is included in my sig. If it was someone looking for the Roman nymph, that name is "Lara Tacita."

Well, even so, I knew I couldn't hide this blog forever, I just didn't think anyone would do a search on my EQ name. Hopefully, that person will not act on this knowledge. According to the site statistics, the search came from somewhere in Oklahoma.


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