Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sound and Fury

I'll admit that I have not done as much with Blogger Beta as can be done, particularly with the labels, but I really have no desire to use them anyway. Isn't it enough they've forced the software on everyone now without asking for anyone's input? Good grief, Google, can I at least have my original login name back?

Well, I've been toying around with a movable type blog and hosting elsewhere, but there's one thing you do get with Blogger that you wouldn't there. Blogger blogs are automatically listed on Google's search engine, while I'd have to wait with a blog elsewhere. Then again it depends on the nuisances I have to endure. One more edit like the one I complained about a few months ago and I'd seriously consider it.

As fun as blogging is, it's not what I wish to address today. I've been trying to get to this for a while but it is not a comfortable topic for me to begin with and I get funny if people I actually know face to face read my blog. I will tend to hold back a little. The thing is this is my space and I will do as I wish here so long as Google allows it.

Not only that there are certain subjects which make me uncomfortable to begin with, and the one I've been trying to address falls under that category. It has to do with sexual orientation and gender identity. In many people's mind they are the same thing, which of course they are not. I don't know exactly how to sort this out and the confusion in English is even more understandable since the word sex is both a noun and a verb. Still, it gets a little sticky for me for the rare times I do get asked about it. I have no interest in dating at the moment. In fact I probably couldn't tell you if someone was flirting with me since I'm pretty much oblivious to those signals.

My love life or lack thereof is not the point here, however. Someone who is trans is not necessarily gay or lesbian. They may be, but it varies in roughly inverse proportion to the gay/straight mix found among the general population.


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