Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New site is ready...

While the domain name will change as soon as I register it, for now you can continue to follow this blog at evilporpoise.us/sinisterporpoise.

Friday, March 09, 2007

I admit I've been reluctant to post here lately. It's not that I've lost my desire to write or blog, it's simply that each new entry that goes up here causes me extra work. The moving of the posts to the new site is halfway complete. I have not copied everything because some things are unimportant and others are specific to the fact that I'm on Blogger.

That does not mean I intend to go on hiatus anytime soon and I will try to be as active as I ever was. I just find myself busy with other things right now, including the book that you know I'm writing. (It is going well if you want to ask.) I hope to have the files moved by the end of the month and have everything set up sometime in early April. It will not be the First if that's what some of you are thinking.

So, bear with me during this process please. I'll be back with all your sinister porpoisey needs soon enough.